For those being crucified today…

For all of those being Crucified these days – for those incarcerated during a time of pandemic, for the separated families still in detention centers around the border, for those shot down in their own houses of worship because of our gun laws, for those in Iran and Venezuela who may die for lack of medical supplies because of US sieges against their countries, for the LGBTQ people literally crucified by the so-called Daesh and other terrorists, for political prisoners executed and hung in Saudi Arabia, for those who live under the threat of being lynched anywhere, for those with black lung disease because they worked in coal mines, for those who die of air pollution for corporate profit, for health care workers not given the PPE and tools they need to protect themselves and others, for those living without shelter who now have no place to go for restrooms or food or help, for those who have lost hope, for those who die alone, and for (please fill in with your list) _______________________________________.

O G-d, make the Empires stop, take away their power to do harm, and wake up your people to say “never again” for the last time in any of our memories…

May the “angel of death” pass over us all, regardless of the color of our lintels or the names of the divine to which we pray…

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